The Best Time to Start a Cell Phone Repair Business in America is Now: Interview with Usman Butt – CEO RepairDesk

The cell phone repair industry in America (and the world) is on a roll – all primed for the smart entrepreneur’s entry.

This is on account of such factors as rising smartphone costs/resilience, social movements like Right to Repair (that have successfully compelled tech titans like Apple and Microsoft to loosen their grip on device repairs), low industry barriers to entry, and little-to-no licensing requirements – as detailed in this exclusive TechBullion interview with CEO RepairDesk Usman Butt.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself; your background; how you got into the industry?

My entrepreneurial journey began right after college, really, when I started working in my brother’s cell phone repair shop. Showing up, it didn’t take me long to notice that the business’s workflow situation was a mess.

Orders poured in without much formal recording, suppliers showed a lackadaisical approach towards delivering parts when needed, technicians weren’t conducting repairs on time, and customers were only given verbal instructions for pickups and repair timeframes.

I had identified a glaring market need. And when I searched around in the online space for any software fix for this tangle, I couldn’t find one. Even other repair merchants, from the smallest corner town services to the largest repair providers, were struggling with the same predicament.

Fortunately, with my academic background in IT, I was quick to think of a solution to see to all this incoherent jumble.

Automation – preferably with a cloud-based solution that combined all repair business workflow aspects smoothly inside one interface: what RepairDesk still is today (though in a much-advanced form from its earliest iterations).

So with a small team of dedicated workers, we built the application for early unveiling in July 2015.

This was after I had consulted some of the top global names in the SaaS (software as a service) industry; who had provided their recommendation for…