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  1. Fire And Ice says:

    What assholes,I bought mine 2 years ago,if iPod 7 wasn’t around they wouldn’t knock iPod 6 off the list,im never buying an apple phone for this. R.I.P ipod 2015-2019 I have to say I’m pissed off af for this,WTF APPLE?!

  2. Alexandre Fauchon says:

    I don’t want the iPod to be killed because I love my iPod and I want to be able to replace it when it will become obsolete. I have and iPhone and an iPad but I still use a lot my iPod because it is simple and I love it. I use it the most for videos and for school things. I am also still using a mid 2012 MacBook Pro unibody. I am so happy it will be supported on Catalina

  3. Ass Hole says:

    Dude when I heard this thumbnail I was like oh no! But I was also holding my iPod touch 6 nooooooo

  4. Tracey Mallard Fashion and Wigs Channel! says:

    What is the name of the IPod that’s being sold now for 199.00

  5. MegaUltraSuper⁓99 says:

    I've wondered for a while now what the point of an iPod really is now. Most people I know use Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube for music, so an iPod isn't necessary for playing music. Then if you just prefer iOS to Android, then you could just get an iPhone instead of buying an iPod and another phone.

  6. JayRocks1203 says:

    My first iOS device was a pink ipod touch 5 back in 2013 from Mom (YA! THANKS MOM FOR GETTING ME A FANCY, USELESS A** F**** BRICK, B***!). The screen has a yellow tint, is on iOS 9.3.5, has 32gb storage, has the WORST camera you could ever imagine (hell, my LG Aristo 3 makes this thing look like Fisher Price with a 5.3 megapixel camera and that was $139! Using it right now!), has an a5 chip, lags like crazy and is so small that it makes the SE cry. I say that it's CLEARLY NOT USEFUL, LIKE, *AT ALL!! It has original flappy bird on it but, Android over apple! Apks forever!

  7. Travis Boyko says:

    local music is always better then any streaming service..

    on that note Im still packing my Ipod Classic 7th Gen 160GIG… because music…

  8. OhHeccItsJackie says:

    Really, Apple should have killed the iPod line as a whole. It’s much better to just buy a base model iPad if you don’t want your kid to be able to call, the only real purpose the iPod touch serves.

  9. Divakitty AJ says:

    I still have a iPod 6 and am watching the video on it. My mom won’t let me get a phone till I am 16.

  10. Merelodeon Productions International says:

    The iPod 8th Generation hopefully Has Face ID and No Home Button

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