The Future of Apple Endpoint Software is Here and Mosyle Is Leading the Way


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Over the past two decades, Apple has seen tremendous growth in enterprise adoption due to its ease of use, advanced security and privacy tools, and the fact that employees prefer using Macs. As Apple adoption in the enterprise becomes the norm, some organizations may find themselves struggling to manage and protect these devices. As a result, IT administrators may grapple with cumbersome, time-consuming workflows and legacy solutions that are not automated or unified.

Mosyle is changing that dynamic with a new generation of Apple endpoint software. The company got its start as an MDM provider and has quickly grown into an innovator in the Apple device management market. Earlier this year, Mosyle disrupted the industry with the introduction of its Apple Unified Platform concept.

The idea behind Mosyle’s Apple Unified Platform may sound simple – it integrates five critical security and management applications into a single Apple-only platform. However, it has fundamentally changed how vendors in the endpoint solution market competitively position themselves.

Traditionally, B2B IT management providers have positioned themselves in one of the “Unified” categories, like “Unified Endpoint Management” or “Unified Endpoint Security.” This designation suggests they provide solutions across all platforms – Apple, Windows, Linux, and others – with a specific focus on one problem, like device management. But this strategy leaves gaps in the enterprise IT environment because a single solution cannot address the organization’s other needs, such as protection, identity management, patch management, compliance, and more. So, IT teams are forced to adopt several other solutions that support these use cases. Even more, platform-agnostic solutions make it virtually impossible to deliver quality experience, coverage, and performance across operating systems.

The result? A complicated, generalized technology stack.

As the modern-day workplace evolves, this traditional approach has severely impacted enterprises’ bottom line and the experience of IT admins. And leaders want change. Mosyle recently surveyed a group of small and medium-sized businesses and…