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  1. Mike says:

    Jon, you are fuckin awesome. These whinny bitches complain all the time about YouTube not making them money; muther fucka, put in some hard work and maybe you will see results. FIN

  2. Matt Usher says:

    Saying the Samsung are about to release 'same old, same old' and then saying three different sized iPhone X's with their ugly monobrows are coming up next and its somehow exciting..I don't agree. Personally, since the s8, Samsung make one of the best looking phones around. Yes, they haven't changed it much besides a boost of specs. That being said, I love your channel and love the honesty Jern! The OS is like picking your favourite ice cream flavour, You tend to like one, the other or both.

  3. Tech Time says:

    I believe the iPhone will sell more but me personally, I am looking forward to the note 9

  4. Deft CrazyTech says:

    Hey Front Page Tech thanks so much for the advice on Creator Mindset. Way pumped for Episode 2

  5. Leon Camero says:

    "benchmarks don't matter"

    That I agree. It's practicality and real world usage that does.

  6. khalil mirza says:

    The Note 9 is gonna get better benchmarks than the iPhone X?! AFTER the next iPhone comes out?..
    Hmmm. Even the S9 with the snapdragon 845 is only better in some ways than the A11 in the iPhone X, in other ways the A11 still smokes it. The A12 is likely going to blow away the Note 9 so headlines are misleading af!

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