The Garmin GPS Watch That Serious Outdoor People Swear By


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They say a broken watch is right two times a day, but a rugged Garmin outdoor watch with GPS capabilities? It promises to be right all the time. With its location features, suggested workouts, in-depth health tracking and a battery that can go up to 28 days between charges, this watch is becoming a favorite of trail hikers, construction workers, folks in the military and others who spend extensive time outdoors and/or exposed to extreme temperatures. In fact, a ton of reviewers claim they like this baby more than the Apple alternative.

A rugged outdoor watch, Garmin’s Instinct model is ideal for nature lovers and fitness fanatics alike. With its long-lasting battery, you can keep it on as you sleep to track your body and health 24/7. And it uses GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems to help you find your locations even when you’re off the grid, and lets you set a mark for your camp, car, trailhead or other area of interest to help you find your way in the woods.

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Garmin Instinct GPS watch

The watch will receive notifications from your Apple or Android phone, allowing you to see calls, texts, emails and alerts, and has its own app store letting you set your own interface and download whatever apps you want (like Starbucks or Spotify) right to your wrist. It comes with the specific Garmin cable you need to charge it. And while it doesn’t have a touch screen, it does have control buttons on the watch itself and can connect with your smartphone or other Bluetooth devices.

You can even bring it with you in all elements as it’s water-rated to 100 meters, is thermal-, shock- and scratch-resistant and has a fiber-reinforced polymer case to keep it protected when you’re hiking, camping, mountain biking, trail running or skiing. It also has an incident-detection feature that will send out alerts to your contacts automatically in the event of an emergency. And if you’re looking to spend extended time in the outdoors or just want even more battery life, you’ll want to grab the solar version, which extends its…