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  1. BenObi Tech says:

    I know I'm late to the party… But here are my thoughts on the Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL.

    The reason I didn't upload sooner was because my Hackintosh's Graphics aren't working… So I was forced to use Premiere Pro & Windows… Let me just say WINDOWS IS JUNK! Ok bye now.

  2. AR Qazi says:

    I absolutely detest installing iTunes on my PC to be able to do anything with your iPhone. iphone is way too overpriced

  3. Kartik Chaturvedi says:

    wide angle vs zoom, two very different things. What a poorly researched video

  4. Mr Tech says:

    Come on Ben, it doesn't. They look amazing and according to most reviewers performance is outstanding.

  5. Oliver Harrison says:

    No one has been complaining about them starting at 64gb and even if they did the pixel has unlimited photo and video backup at full res. This video is just way too biased

  6. Ramen Calvino says:

    You shouldn't complain that Google copied from Apple when 99% of Apple's device features were copied from Android. You are REALLY biased in this video.

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