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  1. まんこ Manko says:

    I stopped by to say is cnet an opinion site like BuzzFeed since you broke into political views why should I listen to BuzzFeed style news like cnet

  2. Jon Willz says:

    If they just stop making the Gen 1 iPhone X that just means it will be worth more in the future :) 1000 dollars well spent.

  3. Phantom096 says:

    iPhone X is the best phone I have ever had. Long list of stuff it does amazingly well.
    The speakers are out of this world. Beyond me how they get such big sound out of such tiny speakers. A little more and it’s like a boom box.

    To the haters. Hate all u want but your Galaxy and inferior iPhones don’t come close to the X.

  4. DrkshdwRN23 says:

    Corny. The iPhone X is the best just stop with the hate already!!! Can’t wait for the X plus to come out

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