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  1. Potcha Shamans says:

    It cracks me up that they show mockups for future possible ipod products, including a phone. Yet none of them seemed to foresee that Apple would, within years of the filming of this, cannibalize its own product permanently. What they did with the modern cell phone trumped anything the ipod did by a huge margin.

  2. Degree Puta says:

    Hope you die soon enough for me and I will never forget that ignorance was not a good idea for pete and me karen but I was a bit of legendary music player but not a lot more than I hope

  3. insaneiaq says:

    It’s amazing how dated this became within a few years and especially now in 2019. iPod is essentially a dead product line and the sale of streaming services has replaced the pay-per-song model as the preferred method of consuming music. Cloud storage combined with cellular data really changed the game industry wide including for Apple.

  4. Leon V says:

    When Steve came back He didn’t say that the products where crap, He said “There’s no sex in them anymore!”
    By the way what’s a Youth Culture Consultant? Looks like nowadays people just make up careers.

  5. Noah Jones says:

    Great documentary. I think it really outlines the key to Apple’s success in the 2000s and 2010s: cool factor. That’s what I feel like Samsung and MIcrosoft will never be able to understand.

  6. Spunkmire says:

    Works right, everytime…..till apple updates software and dumbs its support.
    Say it with me now…..

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