The Kremlin responds to Aeroflot smuggling arrests in the Apple Crime Blotter


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The strange story of Hunter Biden’s MacBook, an iPhone stolen from an Erie Canal lock, sentencing for an iPhone-stealing postal worker, and more from the Apple Crime Blotter.

The latest in an occasional series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime.

Kremlin responds to Aeroflot smuggling indictment

After a federal indictment was issued October 19 against a group of ten Aeroflot airline employees accused of stealing more than a thousand Apple products, the Russian government has responded.

According to Russian news agency Tass, Aeroflot “has every opportunity to respond to the accusations.”

“I am not familiar with the charges they are bringing against the Russian company. But I think that the Russian company is able to protect its interests in the appropriate manner,” Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin claimed.

Hunter Biden laptop controversy centers on MacBook, Delaware computer repair shop

In one of the major controversies of the final weeks of the presidential race, The New York Post reported October 14 that a MacBook Pro belonging to Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden, showed incriminating emails involving the younger Biden’s business ties. Hunter Biden was said to have dropped the computer off at a repair store in Delaware, and never retrieved it.

Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and attorney for the president, claimed in interviews that he had been given the MacBook, and handed it to Delaware police and the FBI.

However, questions were soon raised about the story. Business Insider revealed that the Post had inadvertently exposed the name of the computer shop, as The Mac Shop in Wilmington. The repairman gave a rambling interview to the press in which he wasn’t sure the computers were dropped of by Hunter Biden. And The New York Times reported that there were such doubts in the Post newsroom about the story that multiple reporters didn’t want their bylines attached to it.

Aric Toler, of Bellingcat, said on Twitter he believes “someone hacked Hunter’s iCloud,” most likely Russia or another state actor, and that “the serial code for the probably-imaginary hard drive that had these files shows it was…