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  1. IIIAHMIII A Hyrule Master says:

    I really dont want such a shit ipod but there is still no new classic design. Fuck apple with this fake phone shit what a waste.

  2. Devin music says:

    It's actually just for those people who want every latest Apple product or for those apple fans and rich brats

  3. Oxi Clean says:

    Title: "its way faster."
    Well no shit. Thats what should be expected for no ipod touch being released since 2015.
    Literally the same fucking design that we've had since 2010
    Quit hyping something up that doesn't deserve the hype.

  4. thally says:

    I dislike the iOS ecosystem and I'm a huge android fan, but since I was a little kid (okay not so little) I wanted one of these iPods… Maybe I will pick one up for nostalgia purposes since it's cheap. :P

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