The New York Times claims Apple is playing “access journalism”

Stemming from their reports on working conditions at Foxconn, where Apple’s iPad and other electronics are manufactured, the New York Times is none too happy about their limited access to Apple in light of their Mountain Lion announcements this week.

The Washington Post reports:

Says a source at the Times: “They are playing access journalism…I’ve heard it from people inside Apple: They said, look, you guys are going to get less access based on the iEconomy series.”

The on-the-record word from the New York Times differs only slightly from the not-for-attribution word: “We’re never happy with our access to Apple. We never have been. Apple is a difficult company to report on,” says Damon Darlin, the paper’s tech editor. When asked how big a deal is the Journal’s exclusive with Cook, Darlin responds: “Talking to the CEO of one of the largest technology companies, the highest-valued company of the world? Yes, we would like to do that. They know that.”

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