The one essential device for Switching to iPad Pro :: Gnarbox 2.0 for Video and Photo Editing

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  1. Jayrol San Jose says:

    How many gigs did you decide to get for your gnarbox. 500gbs doesn’t seem like enough. Do you clear out the gnarbox after your finished working on the project. And just have the rest of the files on a raid?

  2. Roz Humphreys says:

    HI Ted, wondering about your video editing process. I’m new to video work flow and wondering; you mention Lumafusion and Primier. Do you use both? Thanks for the video!!!

  3. Jay G. says:

    As mentioned below this is way too expensive. You can make your own MvMe drive for about $150 for 1 TB.!!

  4. Jan VG says:

    Can’t wait to see you ditch all the Mac/PC material still around you (I guess as backup). That will be a cool video! Cheers!

  5. Joe Marzo says:

    Thanks for the video. One question. Why this rather than the incredibly cheaper Passport? Thanks again.

  6. Oliver Raatz says:

    Nailed it. Best review of round about 10 videos I watched about this product. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  7. Apple n Others says:

    there's a difference between being mobile and being portable. tablets are mobile computer (can use on the go, while moving, standing, on your back, on your belly…) laptops are portable computers (you can take with you)

  8. W0lfy Ovi says:

    I bought the iPad 2017 32GB model last Christmas for editing pictures on the go and sharing them with people (on Lightroom Mobile) but the file management never really let me do anything more serious than a few pictures. And I have noticed that using local adjustments (brush, radial filter, etc) really bogs down the performance after a minute or to, even though I love the performance and accuracy of the Apple pencil. I really wanted a device that would let me edit pictures when I am at work since I have about 5-6 hours downtime and I still think the iPad is just not capable of managing my picture library, so I bought an Asus ZenBook Pro Duo and having a full (I mean not an Ultra-Low Powered CPU as most tablets and ultrabooks have) size CPU makes a world of difference in terms of performance. If Apple can put more internal storage AND AT A CHEAPER (AND MORE REASONABLE) PRICE, a fully capable USB-C (or even 2 of them or a Micro SD Card slot) port and a decent file manager then maybe an iPad could replace a laptop for work.

  9. JS 13 says:

    Excited to see more about your mobile set up. I have been using Lightroom Classic, and Final Cut. I seem to need some new solutions even though I still prefer doing my editing work from the studio computer. Most of all, I need to be able to get some quick stuff out and edit while traveling… even if final editing is still done when I get to the studio. The gnarbox is a big step up as a part of the solution, but how it all connects as a chain from camera to final edit export is still a maddening process.

  10. Joep says:

    Great video and great tip on the gnarbox Ted, was actually holding off on mobile workflow because of this. Very helpfull video, thanks.

  11. Cal Mukumoto says:

    I just ordered one. In my last gig, I got really tired of waiting for the WD drive to back up my SD cards. It is Not worth the long wait for an SD card to be backed up in a hotel room and not really trust if it is on the portable drive.

  12. BLC says:

    Would love to see how I could use an external SSD with the Gnarbox. The capacities are much to small for the price to be worth it for me at this point.

  13. Laurent Truong says:

    I want to see if the device can cull easily and quickly a huge wedding!

    I would love to be able to cull my images on a phone or an ipad while on commute or while waiting for golden hour!

  14. CJ Majesty says:

    2 Words: SURFACE PRO
    I dont understand the allure of ipad pro when Surface Pro exist.
    Z6, MRW-E90, T3, Surface Pro 4…… Set. Tried and true.
    The 7 is quad core and has USB A and C

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