The tech guy at Apple said that you can’t rip your dvds to a Mac. But i know there has to be a way?

Apple Computer Techjustin h asked:

So how would i rip one of my DVDs to my Mac computer? Id get an external HDD so i could take them all anywhere. He probaly just can’t tell me for legal resions, but whats the dif if i alredy have the disk.

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  1. veergeo says:

    you need to specify a couple of things. what OS are you running, do you have a superdrive, is the dvd a dvd-r or a real dvd?

  2. Blake says:

    look for a program called Handbrake

    That’s EXACTLY what it does.

    It’s FREE!

    Strictly for backup purposes of course…

  3. Craig says:

    Yeah, he can’t tell you either for legal reasons or because he doesn’t know. The answer is that it is absolutely possible and I have been doing it for a while now. Download a program called Handbrake (, which is free, and rip them to your external hard drive. It always helps to have a newer Mac too (I have a PowerBook G4 and OSX 10.4.

  4. The Dest says:

    You are exactly right, it is for legal reasons.
    Of course you can rip your DVDs to Mac.
    And the only people that that bash Macs are the people that have either never used one or are too cheap to buy one.
    The Mac is vastly superior to any PC running Vista.
    I use a PC but I run Linux.
    I would never contaminate my computer with Windows as the primary operating system.

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