The Ultimate Apple vs. Android Fanboy Smartphone Challenge

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  1. Francis Friesen says:

    Android is not an OS it is malware based off of red star os version -999999
    iOS is based off of macOS(kinda) and fixes most of its issues.

  2. Dmcd Games says:

    Booooo apple sucks they dont do samsung do they,no because they know samsung will blow them out the water.

  3. hinataristina says:

    I use an iphone, but I was on the side of the Android fanboys the whole time, because the announcer was way too biased :-)

  4. Yalson Noorcahaya Pratama says:

    announcer = WP 10 Lumia user
    audience = Symbian, Palm OS, Meego, Bada OS, BB OS, and Java users

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