The world doesn’t need an Apple table, or any other household property

WOW! What does Apple think they will accomplish with this so called “new” Apple product?  How can they expect it to live up to all the hype?  It will most assuredly fall short of all expectations because it is simply unrealistic to think that even fanboys will accept such a mundane product.  Following the simplicity in design mantra that seems to pervade the Appleplex in all Appple products I can only assume that this “device” will be following in the path of the original Apple mouse and be designed with only one leg.

How can this product stand on its own with only one support?  Perhaps they plan on including some Segway technology to stabilize it but what will be its power requirements and will ut be green?  Will this thing even be portable?

I can hear the disappointment echoing throughout the internet and I can’t bring myself to write any more.  I will leave it to you dear reader to be Apple’s ultimate judge.

Artists Rendering if the new iTable

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