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  1. Jady Annabel Andrews Wori says:

    I still have my iPad Air :) when my daughter gets older. I will give it to her. I use my iPad Air for watching Netflix, BBC IPlayer, All 4 player and etc…

  2. Vanida Kotimanusvanij says:

    I love the pink. You can get a case that covers the back and still use the smart case
    That’s what I do

  3. Zasia Ensley says:

    I mainly use my iPad o backup my old text messages because I delete the ones off my phone constantly. I probably have text messages from the last three weeks or so on my phone and text messages from like 2012 on my iPad. I think the iPad is pretty useless besides that though but it is useful from when my phone is about to die and I want to watch YouTube lol

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