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  1. Carla Garcia says:

    Me: *hey siri do you have any new messages?*
    Siri: *YoU NeeD to UnLocK yoUr iphOne fIrSt*

  2. Kelly Williamson says:

    I just bought one and I cannot say how happy I am with this Apple HomePod. It rocks in 1000 ways

  3. bu3ouf91 says:

    I have Alexa Dot that works with most smart home device, Thanks Apple I prefer Amazon one

  4. Ivan Lai says:

    I am an Apple Music subscriber. Does anyone know if you could use the HomePod independently from your iOS device? I understand you need an iOS device to set it up initially but can you, after setting it up, play music by using Hey Siri on the HomePod without using an iOS device? I was under the impression it could? Thanks.

  5. Absolutely no one ;-; says:

    OMG I LOVE IMAGINE DRAGONS TOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! , nice video too!

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