This new iPhone Vision concept is stunning, and I need Apple to make it a reality


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If there’s one thing I’ve heard repeatedly in the 15 years since Apple introduced the iPhone, it’s that the device is boring. Apple reuses the same design for at least three years, delivering minor tweaks between major refreshes. But that’s absolutely not a problem, especially now. All smartphones look similar. They have large displays with hole-punch cameras on the front and a large protrusion on the back housing advanced camera components. Similarly, the iPhone 15 should be an iteration of the iPhone 14, as there’s no major iPhone design refresh planned for this year.

But that’s where independent designers can help. Apple will never manufacture an iPhone as exciting as these concepts, but the devices they imagine are interesting. Antonio De Rosa’s iPhone Vision concept in these images takes the current iPhone design to a totally new level.

As the name suggests, the iPhone Vision isn’t a foldable, even though that might be the first thing you imagine when someone mentions an iPhone concept.

Instead, it’s connected directly to Apple’s spatial computer, the real-life Vision Pro that Apple unveiled a few weeks ago. It also somewhat reminds me of the original iPhone and the iPhone X. This makes sense, as Apple would probably recycle design concepts for future creations.

iPhone Vision concept: Front and back design.
iPhone Vision concept: Front and back design. Image source: Antonio De Rosa

The iPhone Vision features an all-screen design with curved “waterfall” edges. The curved display edges are probably the worst part about it, as a handset with curved edges would be more prone to accidental damage. Still, the symmetrical curvature of the front and rear panels would make it easier to handle than real-life iPhones with flat sides.

What’s more exciting is the rear-facing Liquid Lens camera that replaces the primary and ultra-wide angle lenses. The concept does feature a secondary periscope lens for better zoom. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will introduce the iPhone’s first periscope lens.

Liquid Lens camera system and rear-facing display.