Three Difficult Questions About Apple’s Mysterious MacBook Pro

With Apple’sPeek Performance” event taking place this coming Tuesday, the geekerati are all a flutter over the “surprises” that Tim Cook and his team have planned. I say surprises because like most tech launches everyone has a good idea of what to expect.

Thats true in most cases, but the question over what Apple is going to do with the MacBook Pro still feels unanswered.

The first big question is probably the simplest one. Will Apple actually launch a new MacBook Pro? Given the high-end 14-inch and 16-inch models were only released at the end of 2021, it’s unlikely these will pick up any notable spec bumps, which leaves the entry-level MacBook Pro. Launched alongside the MacBook Air and mac Mini as the first Mac hardware to ship with the ARM-based Apple Silicon, i have to wonder if Apple still need an entry-level MacBook Pro?

From a purely marketing point of view, yes it does. From a practical point of view, if you want power you go high, with the 14-inch and 16-inch models. If you want a great all-rounder, you have the MacBook Air. I you want just a little bit more power for a notable price increase…. sure, okay, here’s your weirdly specced MacBook Pro.

Which leads to the second question – assuming the first question’s answer is “yes there will be a new MacBook Pro”, is it going to stay with an uprated M1 chipset that offers more than the Air, but does not usurp the M1 Pro or M1 Max of the larger laptops? Or will Apple throw a stone of confusion into the lake of its naming schemes and launch this basic MacBook Pro with an M2 chipset. That would make it the first with the M2, but if every other piece of Mac hardware kit is running an M1… surely the average consumer is just going to ask for the M2 because 2 is bigger than 1?

Finally, the question of design is actually a significant one. Apple has show with the high-end MacBok Pro laptops that it has a new design language in place; there is a welcome return for many I/O ports, the miniLED based screen is bright and vivid, and you have a fast…