Tim Cook leads list of highest rated CEOs with 97% approval rating

Tim Cook has been Apple’s official CEO for about 9 months now and he’s already climbed to the top of Glassdoor’s CEO approval rankings.

A few days ago, Glassdoor released its list of the 25 highest rated CEOs of 2012 and Tim Cook took home the top spot with a 97% approval rating, slightly besting Steve Jobs’ previous approval rating of 95%. Behind Tim Cook were Jim Turley of Ernst & Young, Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm, Ken Chenault of American Express, and Larry Page of Google.

While many were quick to question how a Job-less Apple would operate, Cook has kept Apple running without missing a beat. In the process, Cook has also managed to put his own stamp on Apple.

Back in September you might remember that Cook instituted a charitable matching program for employees wherein Apple promised to match, up to $ 10,000 per year per employee, all donations Apple made to charitable organizations.

And more recently, in light of Apple’s growing pile o’ cash, Apple announced a stock buyback and a quarterly dividend of $ 2.65 a share. While this wouldn’t ordinarily be newsworthy for any other company, Apple under Steve Jobs wasn’t particularly keen on giving back money to its shareholders. But with Apple’s cash pile now creeping closer and closer to $ 100 billion, there was no justifiable reason to keep on holding onto that cash indefinitely. One wonders if Apple would have made such an announcement had Steve Jobs not passed away.


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