Tim Cook travels to China for second time in 10 months

With all tech eyes on CES this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook though it was high time to make his second trip to China in just 10 months.

China, of course, remains a lynch-pin in Apple’s continued growth and it’s no coincidence that Cook has repeatedly mentioned during earnings conference calls that Apple has only begun to scratch the surface with respect to the potential that awaits them in China.

In addition to a potential deal with China Mobile – which, I remind you, boasts hundreds of millions of cell subscribers, China remains a valuable cog in Apple’s retail expansion as well. Notably, the number of Apple retail stores in the country (11 total) have nearly doubled in the last year.

As for the purpose behind Cook’s visit, Bloomberg notes that the Apple CEO met with Miao Wei, China’s head of of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to  discuss the “development of China’s information technology industry, global mobile communications and Apple’s business in China.”

via Bloomberg

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