Tips & Tricks On How To Fix Apple iMac Macbook Air Pro Grey Display White Screen Sudden Death 2017

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  1. pirgacha1 says:

    I am a new user of iMAC, suddenly the E,D,and C key is not working? the keyboard is same as the video. is there any option that i press unconsciously and they locked? or is there any other solution that i do not know. Can you help me please.

  2. J Sweet says:

    I hope you can help me.

    I have a 2012 macbook pro 13"

    It used to say something about the start up disk. I think it was start up disk full

    Haven't used it in a while, now i get the gray screen of death

    I was able to get to the screen with option to choose mac hd or recovery. Choosing mac hd just restarts and then black screen. Recovery allowed me to connect an external to back up, but it's not showing any of my back ups (which i definitely have)

    So i'm thinking i need a new hard drive

    Is there any way to recover my data that's on my laptop? I don't remember if i backed up the latest stuff that was on there?

    If i switch to a windows or pc laptop, will i be able to put the mac stuff i have saved on my externals onto the windows or pc laptop?

    Thanks in advance for any help

  3. Funky_bottoms says:

    I was experiencing a problem with my Apple wireless keyboard, where as the only key that worked was the Letter “O”. This problem started after the Latest OS update. When I power my Mac mini on, it would show the Apple logo boot up screen and then turn white. I called Apple care to have this problem trouble shot. Tech support stated since the Mac mini was 5yrs old, and out of warranty. I’ll have to pay to have it diagnosed.

    I did, and found out it wasn’t the keyboard. It was the CPU chip. The Tech explained that due to a heating issue, the “soldering” had melted causing the CPU to loose contact with the circuit board. This was a $200.00 fix. I hadn’t had a problem since.

  4. Julene Diza says:

    Erm mine is restarting. It’s also been updating but in the middle of the process it stops and
    Freezes. We haven’t used it in


    It worked up until the screem turned onel the second time but only the apple logo popped up

  6. Aaron Pereira says:

    I have a imac 2011 model it's not starting……….. Please suggest me something….

  7. Jeffrey Loesch says:

    I did cont option p and r and I have the apple logo with the bar under it and it’s taking forever to finish. More than 3/4 of the way done.

  8. Minefazer says:

    I tried the shift+cmd+r+p the apple logo appears faster but it keeps restarting after the line under the apple logo goes a little after half way done

  9. Vincent Lock says:

    Bro, mine is grey screen with a jumping question mark folder. is my Hard Drive ok ? What can I do ?

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