Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone with ease

After the fall of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile system, the two remaining rival platforms in Android and iOS are more or less holding the ground with very little changes over the years. Especially Apple fans are known to be fiercely loyal, so the migration between platforms is not that high. The other way it’s quite similar, but still many people are pondering the possible switch every year. And they are always kept wondering, due to all the problems tied to such move. Especially getting the valuable data and chats from IM platforms like WhatsApp can be quite a daunting task. But luckily experts from UltFone have the answer.

UltFone is an industry leading developer of mobile utility technologies and applications and since 2007 they managed to carve quite a name in the market. Their solutions include data recovery tools, system repair software, transfer programs and several other handy products. Majority of these tools are designed for iOS platform, but there are also significant ones tied to Android or Windows / Mac. And UltFone WhatsApp transfer can be surely among the most universal ones.

Cross-platform transfer of WhatsApp & WhatsApp Bussiness chats

This is one of the most beneficial perks of the program, because you can easily transfer the whole WhatsApp chat message history between the platforms. And not just the messages, but all the stored attachments too, including pictures, videos, audio files and more. So setting up a new phone is not a hassle anymore and you will have access to your old WhatsApp even on the new platform. And now the program even supports transfer of WhatsApp Business, so something for the more work-oriented users. No matter if you are moving from Android to iOS or vice versa, this tool will be of great help.

One-click Archive function to backup your WhatsApp data

Backup is the best friend of any user, because losing your data is always a big nightmare. And with UltFone WhatsApp transfer you can easily backup your WhatsApp & WhatsApp Business chats with all attachments included in just one simple click. Having all your backups safely on your computer adds another layer to the security of the data. And you have it all on your own storage space, so…