Turn Your Mac Into A Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine With MacCleaner Pro 2 Software

A little while back, I reviewed a great piece of software called CleanMyMac. It was developed in Ukraine, a country that has become something of a center for developing Mac software, with some great developers like MacPaw, Belight Software and Nektony. The former Soviet satellite state is becoming a powerhouse for Mac software.

This month, I’m looking at another piece of software called MacCleaner Pro 2. It’s a macOS utility for getting Macs running faster and with less clutter on the hard drive. It’s also good at keeping an eye on RAM usage, disk space and many of the other things that are going on under the hood of a Mac.

Some people are anti these type of utilities and claim macOS is capable of cleaning itself and doesn’t need any third-party software. Others claim they have used this kind of utility for years and never encountered any problems. I differ with the naysayers as my experience has been fairly positive. I remember the time a friend had a MacBook Air with a 128GB SSD but only had a couple of gigabytes space left on the drive. Despite his best efforts, my friend couldn’t find what was taking up all the space. He downloaded CleanMyMac from Mac Paw and, within a few minutes, the software had located a 79GB video stored as a failed email attachment and he was able to zap it and get his Mac back.

Compared to CleanMyMac, Nektony’s MacCleaner Pro 2 is aimed at people with just a little more knowledge about macOS and how it works. It’s ideal for anyone who knows what they want to achieve and simply want to keep their Mac in peak condition.

MacCleaner Pro 2 is a suite of functions that can clean out unwanted junk files, analyze disk usage, free up unused RAM, uninstall unwanted apps, and hunt down duplicate files that are clogging up the system. It even has a utility called Funter, but more on that later.

All the utilities that make up MacCleaner Pro 2 are presented in a…