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  1. Alicia Fistcher says:

    So while transferring my videos I ended with nothing in the SD card :O …For a min there I thought I lost all my recordings. I had to use a software called Stellar Photo Recovery to get it all back and running. Thanks for the video!

  2. vanhetgoor says:

    My GoPro does not show up as a device. With Dropbox I can transfer the movies from my GoPro to the Dropbox, that takes ten minutes a least. The the dropbox is full, can't go on. I want te read the files from my GoPro directly, without Dropbox, without GoPro Studio, without GoPro Quik. Just an USB cable!

  3. 63MacGuy says:

    neither my Mac nor FCPX can read the .MOV files out of the GoPro Hero 5 using GoPro Studio Pro CineForm. If i set it to H.264 it works but at a much lower file size. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

  4. Dumpsite Digger says:

    great job … I understood you better than anyone doing this .. You should have more than 5 subs … later

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