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  1. John Allen says:

    I used one of these in high school, way back in 1998. I used it for CAD, and for learning how to program in Logo.
    Also, Warcraft II after school with friends, because the computer lab teacher was awesome.


  2. transitengineer says:

    Great video! Got my first mac in the late 1990's but, I prefer because the monitor and CPU are together the all-in-one models like the 5400/5500/ and G3 all in ones . Currently, I own a vintage 5500 model with a built in 15 inch Sony CRT, apple video card, and apple TV/FM card with remote control.

  3. djhaloeight says:

    We had a Performa 6300 from Sears in 1995. Great times were had on AOL and Hotline and good old dialup :)

  4. marcel-nine-one-one says:

    Do I have OCD or is that monitor stand being sideways annoying anyone else? Just rotate it 90 degrees anti-clockwise please. You'll thank me later.

  5. Scott Gall says:

    you can fix the yellowed plastic with retrobrite check out the 8-bit guy's channel he does that all the time

  6. RayEttler says:

    not impressed! unboxing to me at least means NOS instead of just re-boxed stuff. deliberately misleading title. thumbs down.

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