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One of the most dangerous malware is back in the town. Cybercriminals are using Joker malware to dupe people around the world once again. As per the latest report, the malware has been found on an app on the Google Play Store called Color Message. Also Read – This Indian dating app just scored funding from Krafton: Will BGMI help you score dates now?

What is even more dangerous is that the Color app has been downloaded by more than five lakh users on the Google Play Store. The app is said to make your SMS texting experience fun with new emojis. Also Read – Omicron effect: How tech companies are preparing for the new COVID variant

As per the new report, the team of researchers from the mobile security solutions firm Pradeo has discovered that the camouflaged app that is promising to offer ‘fun and beautiful’ messaging experience is actually infected with Joker Malware. Also Read – Indian cyber security expert gets around 3.5 lakh from Google for reporting a bug in Android

Researchers have categorised the Joker malware as Fleecewear, which primarily replicates clicks and captures SMS to dupe users into subscribing to unwanted paid premium services.

The report further reveals that after researchers highlighted the malware-infected app, Google was quick at banning it from the Play store. The app is no longer available for download on the Google Play store. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry.

The app is downloaded by lakhs of users and cybercriminals can target these users and trick them to steal their hard-earned money. So, if you have the Color app installed on your phone, uninstall it immediately before you become the next target.

Cybercriminals use the Joker malware every now and then to fool users even after Google has implemented strict guidelines for its Play store. Apple’s App store appears to be safe in comparison and very often have we come across instances wherein scammers have used iOS apps to dupe users.

If you are an Android user, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Always download the official application
  • Check reviews before downloading an app.
  • Do not…