Update Your Apple Devices to Avoid This Zero-Click Malware

Apple Issues Emergency Update

On Monday, Apple became aware of a zero-click malware vulnerability that would allow invasive spyware to infect iPhones, Macbooks, Apple Watches, and the rest of the Apple lineup without a user clicking on anything.

The spyware, discovered by Citizen Lab, is from Israel’s NSO Group, which has orchestrated many large security breaches in the past, and is decidedly powerful. It can gain full control of your device by turning on your phone, reading your text messages, and relaying it to whoever installed it.

“This spyware can do everything an iPhone user can do on their device and more,” said John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at Citizen Lab.

With 1.65 billion Apple devices floating around the world as we speak, this is a massive security breach with lasting implications. Once considered the gold standard for device security, Apple now must bolster its protocols even more to ensure this kind of vulnerability doesn’t happen again.