Updates to iPhone and iPad, New Mac Studio Desktop

4. A new Mac desktop computer, named Mac Studio.

An image of Apple's Mac Studio desktop computer, which was unveiled during a March 8, 2022 livestreamed event.


In a surprising twist, Apple unveiled a new product on Tuesday: The Mac Studio desktop computer. 

Unlike the massive Mac Pro, the Mac Studio more closely resembles the diminutive Mac Mini — albeit double or more the height of Apple’s entry-level desktop computer. 

In terms of where it fits on the Mac desktop product line, its size and price match its power: It’s more powerful and more expensive than the Mini, but not as powerful or as pricey as the Mac Pro. 

Mac Studio features the M1 Max chip, and can be made even more powerful by upgrading to the newly-introduced M1 Ultra chip — a chip that Apple said offers, “faster performance than even the highest-end PC GPU available.”

But that chip upgrade, alongside included upgrades to memory and storage, will cost you. 

The base-level Mac Studio starts at $2,000 and comes with the M1 Max, but the Mac Studio with the new M1 Ultra chip starts at double that price: $4,000. 

Beyond the new chip, the more expensive Mac Studio model comes with more memory, storage, and a few extra ports. The new Mac Studio is available for preorder starting today right here, and is scheduled to launch on March 18.