Urgent Apple warning over ‘Atomic Stealer’ attack that silently hijacks credit card details – signs you’re ‘infected’

CYBERSECURITY experts have highlighted a concerning type of malware called Atomic Stealer that is targeting Apple products.

The information-stealing malware targets macOS users and it’s worth watching out for the warning signs.

Cybersecurity experts have warned Mac users to watch out for the Atomic Stealer


Cybersecurity experts have warned Mac users to watch out for the Atomic StealerCredit: Getty

Specialists at Trend Micro highlighted the dangers of Atomic Stealer on their blog.

They wrote: “Atomic Stealer, discovered by Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs, operates as an information stealer.

“Its primary purpose is to extract sensitive data from macOS systems.”

The experts claim that the malware can steal passwords, files, browsing data, cookies, and credit card information.

If you use cryptocurrency, the malware is extra concerning.

Trend Micro says: “Additionally, it targets cryptocurrency-related data, especially crypto wallets like Electrum, Binance, Exodus, Atomic, and Coinomi.”

There are some warning signs you can watch out for.

Unusual behavior and slow performance are two red flags that your computer has an infection.

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If you’re randomly prompted for a password to to click on a file request, this can also be a warning sign.

Trend Micro adds: “Additionally, if you find any suspicious software installers, it is essential to exercise caution and investigate further.”

The best thing to do is make sure your software is up to date to avoid any security flaws.

If you suspect you are infected, disconnect from the internet right away to try and prevent data being transmitted.

Change your important passwords and use an antivirus app to scan your computer.

It’s almost vital to remove any files that you think are infecte.