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  1. Fiorentini Andrea says:

    I’ve tryed to connect my Bluetooth mouse to my iPad Pro (with iPad Os) but it doesn’t recognize it. I don’t know why . I need someone Who helps me.

  2. Ikechukwu Nwanze says:

    That’s my favorite feature of the upcoming iPad OS. Mouse support. I get neck strains when I work on editing documents over 4 hours and notified it’s because i always have to reach out and touch the screen. For other tasks, touch is awesome so this will now make me use the iPad close to 99% of the time.

  3. Ryan H says:

    Awesome to see Apple finally giving choice to customers. iPad OS 13 is a game changer for the Pros and can only be improved. Adding mouse and storage support just expanded the scope of iPad

  4. Tony Healy says:

    I wish someone could pair a Bluetooth keyboard with touchpad to one of these iPads running iOS 13 to see if we can truly make this thing a laptop. The surface pro brydge keyboards are nice but unsure of the fit.

  5. Ed Gob says:

    if the iPad os Got new Files and Safari Downloading I would of Loved to See that on their Phones also in iOS 13 im disappointed will be using my jB iOS 12.3.1 I have an iPhone but also I can download anything I want f rom the web plus new set of icons thanks to snowboard and even have the iPad slide over features on my iPhone is a plus

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