Using an iPad while getting an MRI

There’s nothing fun about getting an MRI, and if you happen to be even a little bit claustrophobic, the experience can quite easily be jarring. So to help alleviate the emotional stress that can accompany an MRI, GE and PDC are exploring ways to integrate the iPad into the MRI experience.

The Apple Blog reports:

As part of what the company is calling the MR Suite, patients are given an iPad that has an app tailored to the experience. From the app they can adjust the lighting levels in the room as well as choose the music. Or, if patients don’t like the selection, they can dock their own iOS device to the MR Suite iPad. They can then stream their own music, video and photos from their own device through the MR Suite’s docking station…

On the ceiling above the MRI machine is an LED panel that can show images like nature scenes and videos that are meant to be calming, which the patient can swipe through to choose via the iPad.

And so Apple’s iPad continues to seep into all aspects of our daily lives.

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