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  1. breanna says:

    its not that easy to just get an iphone 6s .im getting an iphone 6 for my birthday and it was 377 dollar's and i dont have anuff $$$ to get the 6s and i think your making it worse then it is its a good phone

  2. y o o n gi says:

    hope iphone 6 will get supported until 2021, at least i graduate that year and have works any money lol

  3. Elkku flipss says:

    Im on Android but Im looking forward to updating to iphone.
    Is the iphone 6 Still worth it or should i pay more and buy the 6s

  4. Bossku Fly says:

    saya guna iphone 6 sehingga kini ingat nak beli handphone baru… tapi iphone 6 mantap lagi… saya tonton vidoe ini dengan iphone 6 64gb 2015

  5. FastLikeUNO says:

    If everythingapplepro is right, then the "feature packed" iOS 13 should NOT be put on the iPhone 6. It will struggle without a doubt and ruin the phone. Its best to leave it on 12 and end on a good note.

  6. dirty dan says:

    iPhone 6 is my current phone at the moment but the iPhone XS Max is my dream phone

  7. Coke 133 says:

    I’m gonna replace my iPhone 6 with iPhone7 or 8(because I still didn’t buy it.)

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