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  1. Rasta Man says:

    It’s weird to see that my Ipod 5 was blue , my Ipod « 6 » was gold and i know have an iPhone 8 gold.

  2. GreatGamez says:

    I think the iPod 5th gen is still good today. I have the 6th gen and my brother has the 5th gen with no camera and its good.

  3. JoJean Strawberry says:

    My iPod 5 is still on iOS 6.1.3 (I never updated it because at the time I didn't like how different iOS 7 looked) sadly the battery is going bad it doesn't hold a charge as long as it used to and of course most apps don't work on it but I still use it as my alarm clock lmao

  4. DaBoos _ says:

    I was using an iPod 5 up until a month ago and it got to the point were I literally could not use it without a charger for more that 10 minutes and even while charging it would still die

  5. Onion rings says:

    I had a salmon pink one when I was 9 back in 2014 Christmas I’m getting the 2018 iPad tomorrow

  6. Bobby Hinner says:

    Mine was great as a jailbreak device. Then it got ran over sadly. I had it forever and loved it so much only had it jailbroken for the last weeks of it life

  7. Only__Silence_ says:

    My iPod touch 5th gen is on iOS 9.3.5 and runs slow on some things but it can run some smaller games pretty well but big apps do not run at all. P.S. I used my iPod 5th gen to comment this.

  8. KaotiK says:

    Im going to buy one this week, jailbreak it, and downgrade it to ios 8 and jailbreak it again. Mainly going to use it for watching videos and listening to music…

  9. Diggingwolf Animations says:

    Is it possible to downgrade the ipod touch 5G? i'm running ios 9 and it is very slow.

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