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  1. Stewskii says:

    i still have my old 5th gen and it’s unusable. Apps take so long to load and battery is really bad.

  2. BlueSummers says:

    In my opinion Apple kill these things with the newer updates iOS 9.3 turned them into nothing but paperweights it just eats away the performance quick.

  3. The hairless cat God says:

    The iPod 5 screen is trash I drooled it on the grass and it rekt the whole screen

  4. Jay Doesanything765 says:

    I have a funny story about this IPod. I left it in a empty storage bin for several years. (Around 3) and we put the bin inside a shed with the IPod still in it (I forgot about it.) During the fall the shed flooded in 4 inches of water and in the winter it froze. (With I IPod trapped in the ice.) I took out the storage bin this spring and found it. I had little hope of it booting up but I decided to put it on the charger. It shockingly powered up and worked fine. I’m actually typing this comment on that IPod 5th Generation.

  5. Bruno gomes sentone says:

    Strap was meant for people using the iPod while practicing sports running etc

  6. andremax77 says:

    I own 2 iPod Classics160gb.They are my favorite electronic tech toys . I I can carry music ,teaching anythings in audio on them. Why did Apple go away from the original concept?I own all the other tech devices also. But the iPod i use everyday.256gb would be fantastic, don't let a good product become extinct!

  7. aaron van de lagemaat says:

    This brings nostalgia. Loved it.
    Too bad it didn't survive a dive in the ocean though :/

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