Verizon, Apple go after businesses with new iPhone 12 upgrade program


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Verizon and Apple are teaming up again, this time to push the iPhone 12 to businesses. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Verizon and Apple are teaming up again. Last month, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg appeared during Apple’s iPhone 12 event to introduce its nationwide 5G network. On Thursday, the two companies joined forces on a new program designed to get business customers onto Apple’s latest 5G-capable iPhone 12 devices. 

Dubbed “5G Fleet Swap,” Verizon says the new program will allow businesses to trade in their “entire fleet of smartphones” and “upgrade to any model in the iPhone 12 lineup for zero upfront cost, with zero to low cost per month.” The phones can come from any carrier, with Verizon telling CNET that there is no minimum or a maximum number of lines for the promotion. To get the lowest price on the phones the carrier says that companies will need to trade in an iPhone 7 (or later), Samsung Galaxy S9 (or later) or Galaxy Note 9 (or later). 

It wasn’t immediately known, however, what kind of plans would be needed as part of the deal or how long companies will need to stay with Verizon. For consumers, Verizon requires one of its pricier Do More, Play More or Get More unlimited plans to access its fastest millimeter-wave 5G network and that you trade-in a device and finance an iPhone 12 on an installment plan, that runs either 24 or 30 months, to get a discount on the hardware.

The carrier’s millimeter-wave network is available in parts of 55 cities, 47 stadiums and seven airports with the company previously announcing plans to expand to 60 cities by the end of 2020. The company’s lower-frequency nationwide 5G network, which has speeds that are similar to its 4G LTE network,…