Verizon Wireless updates mobile broadband drivers for Lion

Mobile professionals using one of Verizon Wireless’ many mobile broadband devices can finally upgrade to Mac OS 10.7 Lion without worry.Prior to today Verizon’s VZAccess Manager software — which is required to connect to the Internet — didn’t work with Lion causing endless frustration for business customers that relied on mobile broadband connections.

As someone who regularly uses aLG VL600 4G/LTE USB modem on Verizon I was concerned about its level of support for Lion. (I’m also a big fan of theVerizon/Samsung 4G mobile hotspot, but its always been Lion compatible because it doesn’t require any drivers.)

Four of Verizon’s most popular devices were upgraded with Lion support:

  • LG VL600
  • LTE Novatel USB551L
  • Pantech UML190
  • Pantech UML290

According to Verizon other mobile broadband devices will be supported during the month of August and updated software will be posted to itssoftware download page. One caveat is that devices that do not support 64-bit mode will not have Mac OS X Lion support.

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