Want a new MacBook Pro? Answer these 6 questions before buying the Apple laptop


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Is now the best time for you to buy a new MacBook Pro? Erik Eckel presents six questions that will help you determine whether you can justify making this purchase.

Apple M1 Macs 2020

Image: Apple

People, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, are making long-delayed purchases and splurging on everything from vacation homes to automobiles to hobby-related endeavors. The prevailing sentiment is life is finite, so why not treat yourself, especially when pandemic-related reminders are everywhere?

While prudence is always important, particularly during a pandemic when business expenses must carefully be managed, don’t overlook the importance of having capable tools, too. They aren’t just wish-list items.

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Business owners are often reluctant to invest in needed new technologies when, in fact, the investments enhance efficiencies, improve operations, and boost performance. It’s the old penny-wise and pound-foolish argument, once again.

With so many businesses pivoting to enable remote work, better service, and changing customer needs, it’s possible your previously purchased laptop was never intended to be used in the way you are relying on it. All of a sudden, system performance, Wi-Fi reliability, available storage, ports and expandability, and display size are potentially much more important factors than they once were. Yet, you’re possibly living with a model you intended to use in a different office with different peripherals or even for very different purposes.

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You might be contemplating an upgrade, but widespread news, rumors, and advice may be discouraging you. Warnings and well-intended guidance sometimes sound similar to these statements:

  • Don’t buy a MacBook Pro now because Apple’s getting ready to implement new models.
  • Wait to buy a new MacBook Pro because next-generation models will eliminate the failed Touch Bar…