Wanting to buy the new Macbook, but have some questions before I purchase?

Apple Computer Tech ipodnano_lover asked:

I love Apple products, so I’m wanting to get the new Macbook. I’ve not owned an apple computer since the colored series they had years back.

I just have some questions:

1). Amazon says it isn’t released yet, is this true? If so, when will it be released?

2). I know it’s not smart to buy something when it is brand new. Is this true with Apple as well, if there are problems, how will they be worked out?

3). How does the wireless work? I have a wireless network at home for my laptop and would like to use it for this as well. Also what about wireless for travel?

4). This would mostly be for traveling and for work, is this a good computer for that?

5). I currently use an AMD Athlon 64 processor 3000+ is the processor on the low end model going to be a lot better than what I have now?

6). Would a regular computer tech be able to fix this, or do they need to be mac?

7). The case looks shiny, is it gonna scratch like the pods?

Is this a good computer for just everyday use? Not necessarily for business?

I see the rebate offers, but say there is a problem… is Apple known for having a lot of problems from the start? If there is a problem, can it be updated to be fixed, or does offer fix them, etc.

As far as wireless, on my home network, I use a cable modem. My PCs are hooked up, my laptop is wireless. Do I need anything special for this if I would use an apple.

When I travel I specifically check for wireless at the hotel, that is how I do it now.

Don’t like hearing that the case scratches, seems kind of crazy.

Thanks for reponses so far.


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  1. rthornton001 says:

    1. June 15
    2. Rebate offers
    3. Wireless is like reception for a cell phone, horriblz for travel.
    4. see response by other guy
    5. it’s better.. a lot better.
    6.Mac only, they won’t deal with it.
    7. yes.

  2. conradj213 says:

    The MacBooks are out now, you can get them from the Apple Store (or online at). There are problems, a lot of problems. Number one is they overheat or run hot. A review over at Ars Technica had the CPU running at ~83C which is far far too hot and it became unstable and restarted. The other problems include random fan whines, random restarts and fans not working properly. I don’t know how the wireless works, range is presumed impressive. It’s good for traveling and business applications but don’t expect to do any hard core gaming on just the MacBook as it has the Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics, if you want a dedicated solution go with the MacBook Pro. I wouldn’t tell you the processor is better or worse but it’s an Intel Core Duo at 1.83GHz, it has two cores but I wouldn’t call it a major improvement. A regular computer tech would be able to service most problems with it like the hard drive and memory but if you were having issues with the OS itself you’d have to go the Apple store. The case is made of plastic and is scratchable but not nearly as bad as the iPods, it’s a catch 22, the cases on the MacBook Pros can dent like no tomorrow so you have to be slightly more careful with them. But then you have to be careful with any laptop.

    Now, you didn’t ask about battery life. Battery life on the MacBook is between 3 hours and 5 hours depending on usage and considering most other laptops top out at 3 hours, I’d say that’s impressive. I think you should read the whole review from Ars Technica,

    Why would you wait until June from Amazon when you can buy it from Apple today, though, I’d wait until they fix some of the issues. Note that the overheating is due to improper application of thermal grease, if you take off what has been applied and re-do it yourself the temperature will drop anywhere between 20C~25C.

    Performance wise it was very impressive but not on the graphics test as you will see in the Ars Technica review. It was a far cry faster than G4 iBooks, and almost as fast as MacBook Pros on applications, except games. The only improvement that I (and Ars) recommends is to get 1GB of memory, 512MB simply isn’t enough. If you get the base MacBook with 1GB of memory and an 80GB SATA hard drive it will run you $1249 which isn’t too bad. Now if only they could apply the thermal grease correctly.

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