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  1. Edward Walter says:

    Love your vids. Just got Apple Watch 4. I went from an Apple Watch three now I cannot figure out how to get notification badges on my messages complication. Can you help? Thanks in advance!

  2. Quality Apple Watch Bands says:

    You might want to make a video letting people know not to update their watchOS they can absolutely update their phone too! I updated the Watch over the air and I had to send it back to Apple so they can downgrade it because it will not pair with my phone

  3. Arshdeep Singh says:

    I’m not getting an ECG and calculator app on Iwatch currently running os 5.2.1
    can I know what would be the reason?

  4. Travel Vibes says:

    Hey, i was wondering how watchOS 6 would look on older model like series 3. Lot of people still has older versions and since apple covers older version for this upgrade, would be great if you can give us a glance

  5. Kyle Hale says:

    Apps are still downloading to the phone when downloading to the watch. Is it only some apps that are independent?

  6. Ross B2 says:

    I like the strap. What model of strap is that, is that the official Apple bracelet or third party?

  7. John Webster says:

    I hope the audiobooks app is better than the audible app which is a broken mess. I’d like my book to save position and play and pause when I tell it to thanks.

  8. Patrick says:

    All these watch faces makes you wish the Apple Clock app on an iPad had customizable clock faces with a full screen clock. That way we can use it as a bedside clock just like we would with the Google Nest Hub.

  9. JordanA2345 says:

    I have a developer account and updated my watch to OS6 last night. It worked perfectly fine this morning but my Apple Watch App kept saying “Updating Software” so I did a full reset on my watch (big mistake) and now my phone won’t pair with the watch anymore. I’m assuming my phone needs iOS 13 in order for it to function properly now. Anyone has any ideas ? Thanks.

  10. Christopher Smith says:

    I'm so happy you've put these videos out, and all in the proper order. Very informative and helpful.

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