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  1. Marc Guima says:

    I am glad those apps aren’t useful for you. I like you as you are. Handsome MAN ❤️ the only thing I don’t like about their watches. They feel cheap and so light weight on the wrist.

  2. Ella N says:

    I’ve never had a smart watch and I really want an Apple Watch. Hopefully the prices of the series 5 won’t be too insane

  3. Alberto García Guajardo says:

    Watch OS6 looks like a great update. I am in a kind of dilema right now. I have a series 3 and I am planning to update this year either to a series 5 or maybe a series 4 I am aware that maybe series 5 is not going to have big changes and that series 5 is going to be released in september. The thing is that in Mexico right now tehere are very good deals for the Series 4 and you can pay it in up to 24 months with 0% interest. I am really tempted to update bout I am not sure if waiting for the series 5 is going to be worth it.

  4. Famous Jack says:

    I would say no, I am fine with the apple watch 4. I had a pebble Time 1 watch and upgraded to the 4 in April of this year! The apple4 watch is like having a built-in communication device on you. Had my pebble time for 3 years more likely I will stay with this one for 3 also!

  5. R0bertM says:

    How about the calculator on the iPad? I know there are 3rd party ones but they have annoying ads.

  6. Anthony Martin says:

    I don’t mind my watch being tied to my iPhone. Why pay for cell services for a friggin watch? It’s not needed.

  7. Gamedev1909 says:

    apple watch the most boring part of wwdc even the apple discord fall asleep during that part lol

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