Waterfield SleeveCase for the new MacBook Air

If you’ve got one of the new MacBook Air’s your probably considering some sort of sleeve to keep it from getting damaged.

I just took delivery of the new SleeveCase ($52) for the 2010 MacBook Air from the good chaps at Waterfield Designs and I simply don’t leave home without it.

I’ve used Waterfield sleeves for a long time because their thick neoprene and ballistic nylon shell protects my investment and because they build a high quality product, right here in the United States.

Although the 11-inch MBA is so small that it’s tempting to carry it around naked (i.e. sans case) I don’t recommend taking it into the wild that way. The Air’s aluminum exoskeleton could easily get scratched or dented, or worse, it could suffer some major trauma if dropped.

The best feature about the 11-inch Air is that it’s so small that it can be used almost anywhere and a good sleeve case facilitates this. Why bury such a svelte piece of kit inside a gargantuan rucksack?

The nice thing about Waterfield SleeveCases is they can be used on their own (my preference) or they can be tucked into another bag. If you’re traveling light, simply configure your SleeveCase with D-rings and a shoulder strap (+$12-22) and a piggyback pouch (+$25-27) for a completely standalone solution.

Waterfield offers sleeves in over 100 sizes for every make and model notebook and has several configuration options including horizontal or vertical orientation, leather trim and flap. Every SleeveCase comes with a side pocket which is perfect for toting some papers and your wireless 3G card.

Perhaps the icing on the cake it’s 100% TSA Checkpoint Friendly, so there’s no need to take your Air out of its snug compartment when going through airport security. Well made and highly recommended.

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