We buy them again the iPhone X and iPad!!! | Familia Diamond

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  1. Anila Kafexholli says:

    My friend is 10 and has a Samsung tablet really you spoiled brat really it can’t fit your hand you might need an iPhone 5s or lower bro chill.

    Her: mummy I need an iPhone X get me one now and I want a crop top now

    Me: hi Mum you need help really $5 that’s really good of you mummy I love you.

  2. Anila Kafexholli says:

    She is 9 and got an iPhone X wowww so spoiled and wait the parent payed for all of it lol next couple days there is probably going to be a huge crack an age 9 wow at school she’s toning to be flexing to all

  3. ChloeTheBrownToyPoodle Chloe says:

    Im just try to tell you as a parent ok. Do not spoil your child with iphone x. nine years old is not old enough to have a big expensive phone. You will spoil there future

  4. J U L I J U L I says:

    I Love the Little one she isnt spoiled and the brother i think they jus care for the big sis

  5. Aaliyah Richards says:

    It’s ok that she has a phone but an iPhone X is too much of a 9 year old she doesn’t deserve that at that age and I’m not hating just saying u spoil ur kids to much and when their older they are gonna expect to have everything and that’s not good because when she realises that she can’t have everything she’s gonna turn into a brat

  6. Andy Ye says:

    For me I just think she’s spoiled for getting anything she could want even though she may “work” for it and get the most expensive phone right now that is better than some of us. Plus she just 9 years old getting things she want when she doesn’t like what type of parents give their children so much money that they think that they think they can get anything they can possibly ever want

  7. Vasilisa Barsukova says:

    Wow a 9 yr old that acts like a 15 yr old wow I’m only 8 yrs old and I have an iPad lol while this 9/“15” yr old is getting iPhone X’s

  8. Mymi Panda says:

    Wtf an 8 year old wearing a crop top?? In PUBLIC!! And she has a phone!!?? Ugh!!! This crap sucks!!

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