What are all the solutions needed to run a fleet of Macs at Work?

Mac usage in enterprise has taken on a life of its own in the past few years. Originally led on by the halo effect of the iPhone and the iPad, the Mac has become the favorite device among IT professionals and end users. 

The Mac’s popularity has led to what many IT professionals consider to be a “new normal” in enterprise. Macs are now commonly used throughout an organization, not just in creative roles, but also in more traditional business applications like finance, sales, marketing, and people operations. 

With the rise of Macs in business, IT and Security professionals need to build a new stack of solutions that will help them to deploy, configure and protect the Macs accordingly.

Unfortunately, the first and easiest path pursued by IT and Security professionals is not the best one. IT and Security professionals who used to manage and protect PCs running Windows will initially try to extend the scope of the software stack they already use for Windows, and also include the Macs.

However, they won’t need much time to understand that Macs are not only unique and special for end users. The same also applies to the IT and Security tasks. The right way to deploy, manage and protect a Mac is by using solutions specially created for the Mac.

At first glance, this can sound like more work considering the inclusion of a new set of tools only for the Macs. But as we will discuss below, it can be the opposite if the right approach is adopted when building the IT and Security stacks for Apple devices, including not only the Mac but also the iPhone and the iPad.

So, what are all the different solutions that should be integrated into the IT and Security stack for Macs used at work?

#1 – An Apple-only Device Management Solution

It all starts with a high-quality Apple specialized MDM. A good Apple-only MDM will solve about 60% of all needs IT and Security will have related to the Macs used at work.

First, an Apple-specialized MDM will completely automate the deployment and provisioning of new Macs. It will allow IT to simply give a new employee a sealed box with a new Mac and be confident that the end user, even those with very basic tech knowledge, will be able to be up…