What are some good computer games for the Mac? Can I download them?

Mac Games The Rainmaker asked:

I own a Mac, and I’m looking for some fun computer games. To be honest, I love games where I can shoot things up! I want to be able to use a machine gun / rocket launcher, haha. Either that, or Command & Conquer-esq games are a good time, too!

Also, is there a way that I can download the games? I would pay for them…but I’d rather be able to just download it then go out to a store and buy it. All the stores are closed now, anyway. Is there anything like this?



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  1. 42and35 says:

    I don’t know any free downloadable games but if your looking for a real good game for mac then your going to want Halo. It’s Halo enough said. Also I think Call of Duty 2 to is for Mac and thats a pretty good shot em’ up.

  2. Frank S says:

    idk just want to see how others answer considering this has been the Achilles heel of Macs since they were introduced in the 1980s (lack of game support). The Intel based Macs can dual boot to Windows but I hear games can be slower.

  3. Michelle M says:

    Macgamestore.com is a great one because most of the games there have free demos to try out the games before you buy them. Apple.com also has some free demos, freeware, and shareware.

    As for my favorites, I like Warcraft and Starcraft, but they are more strategy games than first-person shooters.

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