What are some shooting games for mac?

Mac Games Ivan M asked:

I would like to know some good shooting games for my mac. I already know about halo. I have the mac that swivels and has a dome for the base. It is an imac.

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  1. smartalec02 says:

    Shooting games for Macintosh are fun. Nothing better than destroying a pile of garbage once and for all.

    I recommend the game where you take the mac, drop it from a tall building, and hit it with a couple shotgun blasts on the way down.

  2. ltsephiroth says:

    If its a newer model imac I think huxley is coming out soon… but until then Half life 2 / CS2 / cs 1.6 are still the way to go.

  3. Ian Y says:

    heres some good games for mac
    halo ce
    halo (full for free)
    doom 3
    battle field 2043
    and many more don’t listen to the haters there gay pcs suck and id games and EA are working to make more games for mac .

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