What is Apple Lockdown Mode? Plus, how to turn it on


Protect Your Access to the Internet

(Pocket-lint) – Apple is introducing a new security setting called Lockdown Mode. It’ll be a free feature that strengthens your iPhone, iPad, and Mac’s defenses, making it harder for bad actors to compromise your device through highly targeted attacks. When Lockdown Mode arrives, you will need to turn it on to actually enable it. It is not on by default. But it’s also not something everyone will need to use most days. Here’s everything you need to know about Lockdown Mode, including how to enable it, what it does, and when you should use it.

What is Apple Lockdown Mode?

Lockdown Mode is a new security setting that will arrive later this year with iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura. According to Apple, Lockdown Mode is an “extreme, optional protection” feature for users who face “grave, targeted threats” to their digital security. (Think: Journalists, activists, politicians, and celebrities.) When it becomes available and is enabled on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Lockdown Mode will change various security settings and block some communications features, making it harder for someone to gain access or control of your device.

How does Lockdown Mode work?

When enabled in settings, Lockdown Mode will alter how your phone works in order to prevent targeted attacks that rely on web-based technologies, social engineering, and wired hacking.

Here are a few of the changes you will notice when Lockdown Mode is turned on:

  • Most message attachments are blocked, and some features will not be unavailable.
  • Incoming FaceTime calls from people you have not previously called will be blocked.
  • Some web technologies and browsing features will be blocked.
  • Shared albums will be removed from Photos, and new invitations will be blocked.
  • Wired connections with another…