What is Apple’s Self-Service Repair Program? How will it help iPhone 14 users?


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Apple recently announced that it is expanding its Self-Service Repair program to include the iPhone 14 lineup. The program allows customers to purchase genuine Apple parts and tools to repair their own devices. The Self Service Repair program was first launched for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineups that eventually expanded to further models.

The Apple Newsroom states “Today Apple announced Self Service Repair will be available June 21 for the iPhone 14 lineup and additional Mac models, including the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro powered by M2.” 

“Since April 2022, Self Service Repair has given anyone with experience repairing electronic devices access to the same manuals, genuine Apple parts, and tools used at Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Service Providers,” it added.

What is Apple’s Self-Service Repair?

On April 27, 2022, Apple announced that it will bring genuine parts and tools that can be purchased by US customers so that they can repair their devices. This effort was initiated by Apple to expand its repair possibilities. 

This initiative by Apple was helpful for people whose devices have run out of warranty and they didn’t want to spend a fortune to repair their Apple devices. 

Apple announced these independent repair services are beneficial for people who have prior experience in repairing electronic devices. However, it advised that people with no experience should consider a professional repair service provider. 

Customers who want to use the Self-Service Repair program can order parts and tools from the Apple Self-Service Repair Store. The store also provides repair manuals and videos that walk customers through the repair process.

How to use Apple’s Self-Service Repair? 

These are the steps that will help people to know about the parts, tools and materials that are needed to repair their devices: 

  • Start with the repair manual: Users need to access the repair manual for their devices which can be found on Apple’s Self Service Repair portal. 
  • Order Parts and Tools Needed: After finalizing the problems and narrowing down the parts required, users can order their parts through Apple’s Self-Service Repair Store. Be…