What Is the Linux quivalent of Apple OSX 10.5?

Apple OSX rjdsmith asked:

And is it as graphically enhanced


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  1. daniyel95 says:

    I think OpenSuse 10.2 is the best linux GUI experience currently. It’s free, everything works, fast, and only a hand full of hacks(easy ones) to get Windows stuff to work, and all your special video drivers.

    I used Suse 10.0 for a long time, and although nice, OpenSuse 10.2 is great. Using it on a 3200AMD 64 with 2 gigs of ram, toshiba satellite with 1g ram, and a sony vaio duo core with 1 gig of ram, and no complaints here. Good luck!

  2. fjtyro says:

    there is no equivalent. If it is about looks, some fans developed an OSX theme for KDE, which looks and functions exactly as OSX.

  3. LAMPP says:

    It’s like you wanted an equivalent of an orange to a banana. You can n’t have an equivalent of this 2 OS’es, since both operates in different ways, I’m not sure about Apple how it works but with Linux all I can say is it’s the NBT.

    You may try Mandriva 2007 or Ubuntu Feisty Fawn both have an excellent GUI already.

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