What is your opinion of Apple products?

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I do enjoy my iPod, but I am hesitant to get an Apple computer because of how invasive Apple software is, and how nonexistent the tech support is.

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  1. Calebs Mom says:

    They are freakin awesome. I just visited the APPLE store here in Birmingham and it was an amazing little store. I an anpple fan for life now. The Iphone is nice. They also have an awesome big screen computer that has the CPU in where the monitor is.

  2. mac_fixit says:

    Apple software is less “invasive” than Microsoft.
    As for techsupport – you can either take your problem to an Apple store, check out Apple’s support forums online or one of hundreds of Mac user web sites online such as

    You are paying for a quality product (hardware and software) – if you were just paying for the “name” Apple would be no where nearly as successful as they are today as they are not the only option available when buying computers.
    Apple has also been voted as
    Platform of 2007
    and Hardware of 2007

    FAQs about Macs here
    and here
    And contrary to what “some” people will try top tell you, you can buy software for your Mac that is not made by Apple, for example
    Macs run Windows too

    As well as lots of free or shareware stuff from here
    and here as well as lots of other places.

  3. lassiego says:

    My opinion is: It is a good choice for working on designing tasks such as desktop publishing. Many graphic designers enjoy to use them. They are pretty reliable and secure according to PC Magazine. If you are trying to get one, please have firewall, anti-virus, and other security softwares installed, running and updated regularly since Apple computers become the new targets for hackers. However, it really depends on your preferences and choices. For me, they are great machines overall. Hope my opinion can help you a little bit.

  4. junior2oo says:

    I think its great that apple made all of these products for people to buy, but I like to try every product. I suggest you get a dell,xps or alienware computer, they look cool, have lots of features and its something that you cold brag about

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